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How To Tell If You're Getting Professional Business Printing Results

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Anyone paying for business printing solutions will want to know that they're getting professional-grade results. The good news is you can tell by looking for these 5 things in the printed items.

Color Matches

Folks in the press printing industry should work hard to ensure your products' colors match your expectations. They will send you proofs after completing the formatting process. However, you should still pull some samples over the course of a production run to verify the colors are consistent and as you expected.

If the printers are missing color gradients, they may not be paying close enough attention to the batches as they roll out. You should look for a different business printing firm if there's evidence of poor quality control in the color matches.

Transcription Errors

Many companies need business form printing services so they can feed information into computerized systems. When transcribing the completed forms, you may discover data-entry issues. If the issues are small incidents spread across different areas of the forms, the problem may just be due to how someone filled them in. However, if you're seeing consistent transcription failures at one or two specific spots, the printing of the forms could be the problem.

Clean Edges

Regardless of whether you're using margins or full-bleed color press printing, the edges should be clean. This includes the cut lines and where the printing stops. If you see splatters, weird color bleeds, or wobbly lines at the periphery, you should be concerned. Professional-tier business printing solutions companies will check these issues from time to time, and they should halt production if the process isn't up to specifications.


Yes, you should check the text on all documents to ensure the spelling is correct. However, the printing company should serve as an additional layer of defense. Typos need to be rare, and the printers should catch them. That is especially the case if you're talking about featured text, such as headers at the tops of sections in documents.


Professionals should have suggestions for improving your current and future production runs. While they don't need to critique every aspect of the design process, they should have some suggestions here and there. This is particularly true when you say something that ought to prompt them. If you're asking about printing costs, a professional should have suggestions like using spot color to limit the expenses of simpler products. You don't always have to follow the suggestions, but a services provider should try to help your organization excel in business printing.

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