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Envelope Labels To Use For Your Business

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If you're in the process of establishing a business that will mail products to your customers, it's important to think about the supplies that you'll need. While several different sizes of envelopes will be necessary, there are also a few labels that can help to give your envelopes a professional look. Instead of attempting to print these labels yourself, contact a local commercial printing service. You can discuss some ideas about how you want your labels to look, the service's graphics department can design your labels, and the company can then print as many as you initially need. Here are three envelope labels to use for your business.

Mailing Labels

Your commercial printing company can design mailing labels that you'll affix to the center of each of the envelopes that you send. You'll need to decide whether you want to print your customers' mailing addresses on these labels or write them by hand. The former option will help to give the label and the envelope overall a professional look, while the latter can be ideal because one of your employees can take a large sheet of mailing labels, fill several of them in, and then transfer them to the appropriate envelopes. A simple mailing label that perhaps has lines for the customer's address and a stylish border around it can augment the look of your envelopes.

Return Address Labels

While some people design mailing labels that have the return address printed in the upper left corner and also feature space to write the customer's address, this look can sometimes be cluttered. A preferable option is to have your commercial printing company design and print small return address labels for you. They'll feature the address of your business, and you may wish to include a small rendering of your logo.

Envelope Seals

While the above two labels can be sufficient, you might wish to consider ordering some envelope seals that you can add to each envelope. These labels go on the rear of the envelope once it's sealed. Envelope seals can appear in different shapes, including square, rectangular, and circular. They'll typically feature your logo and you may also want your branding slogan to appear. Using this type of label makes an envelope easy for a customer to identify even when it's lying face down. It also helps to add a splash of color to a plain white envelope. Contact a commercial printing company to discuss these ideas.