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Dealing With Copier And Printer Issues In Your Office

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Most offices have a copier or two and many printers that are used regularly. Often these machines are not all the same model because they were not all purchased at the same time. Servicing the equipment can be challenging, especially if it is mismatched. Working with a copier service company may be the best option and provide some benefits that you had not considered.

Finding A Copier Service Company

When you are looking for a copier service company to work on your office equipment, you may want to start with the company you purchased your copiers through. The company may offer service as well as sales, but if they do not, they can often recommend a service company in the area that they have worked with. 

It is helpful if the copier service company can also work on the printers in your office, so gather up the information for each printer and copier before calling the service company. Let them know what you have in your office and ask them about servicing the units as they need it. 

The copier service company will go over the services they offer with you and if they can help with the printers as well. You will most likely need to sign a service contract with the company. Still, if the company offers the service that you need, that contract can make it easier to get someone in to make repairs quickly so you can avoid machine downtime that may slow down a project in your office. 

Emergency Services

A copier service company should offer emergency service for your office if they are going to be effective. Monthly service, changing toners and cartridges, and cleaning is essential, but if the machine goes down, you also need to know someone will come and fix the issue right away. 

Make sure to ask about emergency service when discussing the contract and the cost of the service. If there is an additional cost to have a tech come in to clear the machine if it jams or to make an emergency repair, you need to know that upfront. 

Often after-hours calls are also billed at a higher rate, so be sure to discuss regular business hours. A customer support operation may run twenty-four hours a day, and having a machine down for an entire shift can be a problem, so finding a service that can deal with copier problems at three in the morning could make the difference when selecting the best copier service company for your business. 

Contact a local copier service company to learn more.