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4 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Copier

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When it comes to buying a copier and printer, there are a few different factors you need to take into consideration in order to purchase the right machine. Considering these factors, in the beginning, will allow you to pick the right printer copier combination.

Factor #1: Type of Machine 

You can purchase a machine that only works as a copier, but that will limit the functionality of the machine. You may have a hard time finding a machine that only copies. Most copies are also scanners and printers. Multi-function machines are usually a better choice than a single-function machine.

With a printer-copier-scanner combination, you will be able to print out new documents, make copies of those documents, and scan documents you need to turn into digital files.

Factor #2: Color of the Copy

You need to consider if you need copies made in color, or if you only need copies that are black and white. Keep in mind that color copies are going to cost you more material-wise than black and white copies.

However, it can be great to have a printer that allows you to choose if you want the copy to be in color or in black and white. That way, you can use black and white to save on resources when needed and can have access to color copies when you need them.

Factor #3: Connection

You need to consider what type of connection you need. You can purchase a wireless printer-copier or a wired printer-copier machine. A wired machine means you need to directly connect your machine to your computer if you want to print something out or need to scan a document.

Wired machines tend to be more affordable. With a wireless machine, anyone who has the right software installed will be able to connect with the printer from their computer or device.

A wired machine makes sense for a home office or small office. A wireless machine makes more sense in a large office or if you have multiple devices in your home.

Factor #4: Supply Cost

Finally, before purchasing a printer-copier, be sure to research the cost of supplies. The cost of ink and toner can vary greatly from one machine to the next. Consider how much you will use the machine and if the resupply costs fit with your overall needs.

When shopping for a new copier, consider getting a combination machine that will take care of your printing and scanning needs at the same time. Go for a copier that allows you the choice between color and black and white copies. Always check the cost of resupplying the copier to make sure ink cartridges are affordable.