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Five Printed Items Funeral Home Owners May Want To Offer Their Clients

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If you own a funeral home, you have to do more than just embalm the deceased and comfort bereaved survivors. In most cases, you also have to offer your clients funeral planning services. To stay competitive, consider developing a relationship with a printing company and offering your clients printed items. Here are some of the items you may want to offer:

1. Service Programs

A service program outlines the order of the funeral service, and it lets people know who is leading the prayers, giving the sermon or singing the songs. A program implicitly identifies and thanks these people for their participation, something the bereaved may be too exhausted to worry about.

The service program also contains details about happens after the funeral. This prevents confusion after the service by letting guests know exactly where the burial is or what time to arrive at the reception.

To make it easy on your clients, provide a few templates for service programs, help them fill out the information, and then outsource the printing job to your printing company.

2. Prayer Cards

By outlining the service, service cards can make the service easier to understand for people who are not familiar with the faith of the deceased program. For example, during a Catholic service, a service card can help explain what's happening for Protestants, Atheists and other non-Catholics. Prayer cards can also be useful for this role as they introduce "outsiders" to prayers that may be common to the deceased person's family but not to other guests.

Alternatively, prayer cards can act as a token memorial for guests of the funeral. For example, your clients can choose a laminated prayer card that features a color picture of their loved one on one side and a prayer on the other side. Prayer cards can also contain prayers on both sides or images of saints, crosses and other religious icons.   

3. Memorial Banners

A memorial banner includes a picture of the deceased and other details such as their dates of birth and death, a tribute, a copy of their favorite poem or whatever else the family desires. You can even have a memorial banner printed with a collage of the deceased person's pictures.

Memorial banners tell everyone at the funeral about the deceased person. They are also a great way to include the person's physical image if they are not having an open-casket funeral.

4. Memorial Tribute Books

In addition to the printed items your clients may want or need during the funeral service, you may want to offer printed items that they can take home with them. A memorial tribute book can contain the same type of details as a memorial banner. However, instead of being displayed on a banner, these details are in a book.

Then, the guests at the funeral can sign the book. Many grieving people appreciate this type of offering. It gives them a tangible memory of all the support they received after the death of their loved one.

5. Replica Urns

Remember, color printing doesn't just have to be two-dimensional. If you partner with the right printing company, you may be able to offer your clients 3D printing services as well. If so, consider offering replica urns.

To make a replica urn, 3D printing companies take a photograph of a deceased person. Then, they print a replica based on that person. The replica can be opened, and the person's ashes can be poured into it. This is an interesting alternative to a traditional casket or urn, and your clients may really like the idea.

To learn more about which type of printed materials your funeral home may want to offer your clients, contact a printing company such as Excalibur Printing.