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5 Tips For Speeding Up Labeling

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Labels display essential information about your product, they help to catch customers' eyes, and they can offer other benefits as well. However, putting labels on all your products can take up a fair amount of time. Want to save time on labeling? Then, check out these labeling tips.

1. Order in Bulk

When ordering labeling products, consider buying in bulk. That helps you save time because you don't need to order as frequently. If you don't have the space to store a lot of extra labeling products, you may want to order what you need on a subscription basis.

With that option, you get charged automatically, and the labeling company dispatches products to you on a predetermined schedule. Some companies also offer automatic reordering. Essentially, you use special software that tracks your inventory. Then, when you sell a certain amount of a product, the software automatically puts in an order to get you new labels.

2. Consider Single Labels

Typically, putting on a single label takes less time than putting on multiple labels. To speed up your process, consider using a design that works with a single label. For instance, if you're labelling a bottle and considering one label for the front and another one for the back, you may just want to just use a single label that wraps around most of the bottle.

In that same vein, if you need to add a lot of nutritional information or other small print that doesn't fit on your main label, you may want to opt for a special design where buyers can pull back the front of the label to see the information hidden underneath, but the label is still just a single piece so that it's easier and faster to apply.

3. Use Multiple Labels as Needed

That said, there are some situations where you may want to use more than one label. In particular, if you need to change information on your products, you may want to use more than one label. For instance, if you change prices often, you may want to have one label for the name and logo of your product, but then, you may want a separate label for prices.

4. Consider Easy-to-Remove Labels

If you're changing details as indicated above, you may need to remove one of your labels. So this step doesn't slow you down, opt for easy-to-remove labels. Even if you don't need this feature, you may want to look into it for your customers' sake.

5. Use a Dispenser

Finally, whether you use single labels or multiple labels for your products, consider investing in a label dispenser. A dispenser can help you apply the labels to your product quickly, and they separate the label from the backing so that you don't have to worry about it.

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