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Four Tips For Designing An Advertisement T-Shirt

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Having custom t-shirts made is a great way to advertise your business. You and your employees and friends can wear the shirts around town and attract plenty of attention from potential customers. However, to make sure the advertising t-shirt is as effective as possible, be sure to follow these tips.

Use your company colors.

You may be tempted to choose a bright color like orange or teal, thinking it will grab customers' attention. However, unless these are your company colors, they are probably not your best choices. You should really design the t-shirt with your company colors so that those who see the shirts recognize your company's color scheme later when they see it on billboards, business cards, and your other advertising materials.

Don't include too much information.

If someone has to read two paragraphs to find out about your business, they are not going to do so on a t-shirt. Keep it simple, giving readers only the essential information. Include your business name, a description of what you do, and a phone number or website address. For instance, the shirt could say:

Burt Brothers' Landscaping

Tree Service, Lawn Mowing, Snow Clearing, and More

Call 444-444-4444 for Service

If potential customers want to know more, they will contact you. 

Include your company logo.

Text printed on a t-shirt is not that interesting. A lot of people will look right past plain text. You need something more to grab their attention, and that "something more" is your company logo. Print in large scale on the front of the shirt, and put a smaller version, along with the text description of your business, on the back of the shirt. If your company's logo is overly complex, consider working with your designer to create a simplified version that you can use on t-shirts.

Pay attention to text and logo location.

You don't want the information printed directly across the chest of the shirt, especially if the shirts will be worn by women. You also don't want the text so high on the back that someone's hair will cover it. The mid-back of the shirt is the best place for the most important information. Less important info and your logo can go on the front abdominal area of the shirt.

With the tips above, you can create a better t-shirt to advertise for your business. Your t-shirt designer can offer more specified advice based on the type of business you run.