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Acquire New Clients At The Florist Shop That You Own

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If you recently opened a florist shop and would like to increase your client base by informing citizens of your community about some of the services that you provide and the varieties of plants and flowers that you currently sell, the tips listed below may help you acquire new clients.

Hold A Flower Arranging Workshop

Plan a flower arranging workshop to be held inside of the shop that you own. Place a table in the central part of the shop and add rows of chairs in front of the table. Place a variety of fresh cut flowers on top of the table and set a few vases next to the flowers. Place gift cards, balloons, charms, or any other types of embellishments that you would like to use next to the other materials. After people arrive for the workshop, ask them to sit down.

Provide a demonstration, including several ways to arrange flowers and add decorations to each vase that they are placed in. Afterward, allow guests to create their own arrangements and allow participants to take their creations home with them. Before everyone leaves, hand out business cards so that people will be inclined to call you if they decide to purchase a floral arrangement in the future. 

Mail Advertisements

Order paper advertisements and extra business cards from a printing business. After receiving the advertising materials, purchase a mailing list and send people or businesses on the list one of the advertisements and a business card. If recipients were previously unaware of your flower shop, they may be interested in the services that are listed on the advertisement and may decide to give your business a call. 

Offer Discounts Each Season

Offer discounts at your shop during each season of the year. If a holiday will be approaching and you would like to boost business sales, offer a two-for-one special or a free item with each purchase to help you obtain more customers. Advertise the sales by hanging a banner in front of your shop or by securing signs to the windows of the establishment that you own.

Whenever people stop by to see what merchandise you are selling, provide them with a brief tour of your building and offer advice, concerning a floral arrangement that they may like for a particular occasion that is approaching. Hand a business card to each person who visits the shop so that they will have your contact information on hand when they would like to make a purchase in the future. For more information, contact companies like Inkslinger's Inc.