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3 Ways to Ensure Your Business Signs Are Effective

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If you are in the process of creating a new outdoor sign for your business, you want to make sure that your new sign works effectively at helping people identify your business and drawing in new customers. 

#1 Think Carefully About Colors

Colors play a very powerful role in the success of your business signage. The colors you use can convey lots of information about your business, so you need to think carefully about what colors you use.

For example, if you are going for a classic feel to your business, you may want to use classic colors, such as more primary-based yellow and red tones. Or, if you want your business to seam and feel cutting edge, you may want to use more modern and trendy colors, such as turquoise.

Carefully research the meaning of any new colors that you want to use and make sure that the meaning and feeling of these colors match what you want people to think about your business.

#2 Be Sure to Use Contrast

It is important to use contrast to make your sign stand out and also be readable. For example, you do not want to use a light blue wording on a slightly lighter blue background. Blue lettering would stand out better on a white background. Make sure that the two colors you use contrast with each other or are opposite of one another on the color wheel. 

Be sure to test out the colors you want to use and make sure that they are readable up close and far away.

#3 Make It Large

Finally, don't skimp on the size of your new outdoor sign. You want your sign to be easy to spot by people walking and driving by your business. Generally, try to go with the largest sign possible that will look good with your store front. The larger the sign, the greater the distance away that it can be read. Check with the company making your sign to figure out how far away people can be and still see your sign. They should be able to tell you the average viewing distance for the particular size of sign that you want to purchase. Compare this information to how far away the roadways are from your business to determine if the sign you like is actually large enough for your space. 

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